Our translation services agency offers financial translation (annual reports, tax and accounting reports), legal translation (agreements, contracts, summons), medical translation (medical reports, insurance statements), technical translation (manuals, guides, schematics), marketing translation (magazine ads, news releases, mailers), notarized translations as well as all interpreting services such as consecutive, concurrent, in-person and telephone interpretation.


We always deliver our translations at the highest levels of quality standards, yet we price these at lower Eastern European rates. With the sheer volume of translations we provide, utilizing our Russia-wide network of translators from Archangelsk all the way to Zvenigorod, and many other places across this 6000-mile country of ours, we're able to keep the profit margins small while still providing you with translation services that even the best western agencies would be proud of.

Our translations are always fully guaranteed, giving you the peace of mind to move ahead with your order.


What started out as the dream of two Oxford graduates has, over the past twelve years, truly become a reality. Yet the seeds for that dream were deeply sown throughout the few years prior, when both men saw firsthand the serious lack of high quality translations available on a reliable basis and at reasonable prices. During that time, as is still the case today, every client in search of translation services almost invariably had to make a choice as to whether he or she wanted either top quality or reasonable prices, with no chance of boths. We saw the great need for an agency that could deliver the best of both to its clients.


We are headquartered in Moscow, just a short walk away from the Kremlin, Moscow's power center. With our many new clients, as well as hundreds of long-standing customers, fueling the growth of the agency year in and year out, our success has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. We look forward to sharing our success with you, and we welcome your contact, with hopes of mutual cooperation in the days and years to come.


Document translation

There's only one way to translate, regardless of what amount you pay for the translation, and we believe that all of your documents and texts should be given the utmost attention by whichever agency you choose. It's this very principle that has guided us since our first day of business. We don't let any translations leave our office if they're not fully ready to receive the stamp of approval. You won't pay any extra for this. And we do it all at rates which are very competitive even in the east, where translation services have been known for many years to cost less than they do in the west.



Whether it's for a meeting with foreign government officials or your company needs to talk with potential clients at a trade show in a foreign country, there are times when you must have an interpreter with you. But not all interpreters are equal, and this becomes apparent during the first few minutes of any test of their skills. Maybe a bad interpretation can be funny when it's in a movie or book, but if it happens in person, especially during a crucial moment, it can spell disaster for potential business contracts, agreements, or any future cooperation. It's for this reason that we work strictly with qualified linguists when providing interpretation services.


Why take a chance? All our interpreters are held to the highest standards, with deep experience in their chosen specialties, as well as being devoted professionals who strive to deliver the purest and highest quality of work. Guaranteed.

We offer consecutive interpreting, which is one person talking, his or her words being translated, followed by the other person talking, and his or her words are translated in reply, and so on. This is the most straightforward kind of interpreting.

We also offer simultaneous interpreting, with two or more interpreters working in tandem, so both parties can speak at the same time, if necessary, and all interpreting is done rapidly, just as in the United Nations.

Other types of interpreting are possible as well. Please inquire for details.

Translation fees, USD per word


English-Russian 0,08
Russian-English 0,15
European-Rus 0,09
Rus-European 0,18
Other-Russian 0,15
Russian-Other 0,20


Interpretation fees, USD per hour


English-Russian 80
European-Rus 80
Other-Rus 100



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